The aim of all instruction is to alter long-term memory. If nothing has changed in long-term memory, nothing has been learned.

Paul Kirschner in Book

Current teaching

  • Currently (WS2021/22), I am teaching assistant for the course Mathematics for Physics I (B.Mat.0831) (B.Sc. Physics) at Göttingen University. The course is lead by Ingo Witt and I am preparing the homework sheets, as well as organizing the problem sessions and leading the so-called Saalübung, where we discuss some more difficult examples for which we have no time during lectures or provide clarifications on difficult points. The StudIP page of the lectures are here and the SudIP page of the Saaluebung is here.
  • In SS2022, I will offer a Seminar on Lax-Phillips Scattering Theory.

The lecture notes that are linked below are not nesessarily the most up to date versions. Some of them are under constant developement and I will link the newest version in the newest instance of the lecture.

Previous courses taught

Here I give a list of lectures that I have given in the last couple of years. This list only includes the ones where I was the principal lecturer. (Eigenverantwortliche Lehre)


The Oberseminar Analysis of PDEs is the research seminar of the Ingo Witt research group. Tecnically, this is not teaching as I am not always giving talks but it fits here best anyways.